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Seasonal Stats - Foreword



Dedicated to the memory of  DEREK BUXTON  (13 October 1935 - 22 January 2010) and THOMAS WESTERBERG (31 October 1958 - 20 November 2013)

As a long-standing fan of the R's, and being statistics mad, I've kept records of QPR since the late 1970´s. In my opinion, a fan should be able know something about the history and past players of the team you support. Therefore, I also think that any relevant information about the history really belong to the supporters. 

Certain persons deserve to receive credit for inspiring and helping me over the years.
 I have great admiration for the work these persons have done in promoting knowledge about QPR history either in the QPR official match programmes or through their books. 

The late Tony Pullein (for his series "A to Z of QPR" in the mid-1980's), Mark Shaoul (The History of QPR, 1990), Tony Williamson (Images of Sport - QPR, 2000) and John Marks (Heroes In Hoops - QPR Who's Who, 2003). 

Furthermore, two persons deserve a special mention, both of whom I've corresponded with on and off over the course of many years. 

I'm especially indebted to Gordon Macey for his kind permission to use information from his books "Queen's Park Rangers - A Complete Record" (1993), "The Definitive QPR" (1996) and "The Official History of Queens Park Rangers" (1999). 

And I'm ever so grateful to Derek Buxton, "The QPR Statistics Wizard". His series on QPR history in the official match programmes during the 1970's and statistical articles over the years were the original inspiration to all this. Without Derek my curiosity towards QPR history might never have been awakened. 

I'm also grateful to Derek for his patience and kindness in answering all my numerous statistical questions and providing additional information to me, not to mention all the jokes and laughs over the years!

Finally, I want to thank Ron Norris of for making it possible for you to have access to my files through the web site. Without his help these files would most likely have remained in my computer only. 

I also want to mention my father, who attended  the QPR vs. Carlisle match in April 1968 and started the Westerberg family support of QPR and my wife for all her love and understanding over the years.   

The information and knowledge of QPR history is today far more complete than I ever imagined a number of years ago. However, there is still information missing or sometimes it may be contradictory. There are missing line-ups for parts of the 1939/40 and 1940/41 seasons. In many cases only the surname of a player is known, especially for games played during the war years. 

If anyone has additional information to fill any of the gaps, I'd be glad to hear from you through my email address below. As long as gaps remain, the search for new information will continue. 

November 2007 
Update #1

In November 2008 I was able to borrow a near complete collection of all QPR home match programmes and handbooks from 1947/48 up to 1974/75 to complement the player data for the post-war years. To find such a large collection in my country of residence, Finland, is quite incredible and for that I'm grateful to Pekka Pohjanen. I would also like to thank my fellow R's fan Mika Kallio for informing me of the existence of Pekka's collection and for delivering the programmes to me.

February 2009 
Update #2 

During the past 18 months a few individuals have in various ways helped me and for that I'm grateful to the following: 

In December 2010 I was very fortunate to get in contact with Martin O'Connor who has very kindly and voluntarily provided me with a large amount of additional information and corrections to the QPR data. Martin has done years of research in the FA, Scottish FA and Welsh FA archives as well as at the Football Museum archives and records and he has extensive records of especially pre-WW1 players. Thanks to Martin, many of the unclear players have been identified, first names have been added and many mistaken identities have been corrected. I'm not able to thank Martin enough for his contribution and time. Martin has also published an excellent book on all Coventry City players together with his son Paul. 

I would also like to thank Alan Futter, whose kind help provided additional information to the data. Alan also has an excellent website on Croydon Common FC players. 

And I would like to mention Gary Chalk (Southampton) who, despite working on his latest book, found the time to help me. 

Frank Grande (Northampton) and Paul Plowman (Swindon Town) have helped a lot with their knowledge and accurate data. 

March 2011 
Update #3 

A special mention with gratitude is due to Peter Holme at the National Football Museum (NFM) archives in Preston during the course of 2011. With his help, and assisted by Gordon Small, I've been able to get all the missing line-ups for the 1939/40 and 1940/41 seasons, so that I'm able to present near complete lists of all line-ups from 1899 - only one game still remains unclear, a Football League Jubilee match in August 1938 which the NFM does not have records of. I wish to thank both Peter and Gordon for their invaluable assistance. 

Several persons whose favourite team play at non-league level have done excellent jobs on their websites and/or have helped me to complement the data and deserve a special mention. 

Chris Byrne (Oxford City), Chris Collings (Dover Athletic), Graham Frost (Enfield), Terry Gilbert (Barking), Chris Rogers(Hendon), and last but not least Jeff Trice (Margate) for his promptness and considerable help. 

Others I wish to thank and who have kindly helped me during the past year and given me their time are: 
Stuart Basson (Chesterfield), Paul Lewis (Wycombe Wanderers), 

January 2012
Update #4 

During the course of 2012 I have again received a lot of assistance from Peter Holme and Gordon Small at the NFM archives in Preston. They have provided me with player registration information for the seasons 1920/21 to 1938/39 and have helped to solve several unclear cases or to correct mistakes in previously published data. I can't thank Peter and Gordon enough for their efforts, time and dedication to the cause.

I now believe that the files for the period between the wars is as complete and correct as one can reasonably expect them to be. 

I also wish to mention Richard Coulthard (Kingstonian) for providing assistance and information to correct and complement data on some early players.

October 2012
Update #5

During the past 15 months I have again been helped on numerous occasions by Martin O'Connor. His contribution to information on players between the wars has been beyond anything I could ever imagine and I will never be able to thank him enough for all the details he has provided from his incredible database during the past three years.

Dennis May (Guildford City) has very kindly provided information on post-WW2 careers of former QPR players. Colin Jose from Toronto, Canada has provided data on players who played in North America. Duncan Payne (Ilkeston Town), David Tavener & Mark Jones (St Albans City), Nigel Biddlecombe (Weymouth) and Julian Pugh (Worcester City) also deserve a mention for all the help they have provided me.

February 2014
Update #6

The past two years have been significant in the sense that access to the British Newspaper Archives website has enabled me to research a lot of the history and especially some local papers in a much broader scope than previously. Therefore, I have added all information I have been able to find on QPR matches played in the Western League and some of the early cup and charity competitions up to WW2. Especially the early Western League matches were played by the first team and thus merit an inclusion.

In addition to some regular contributors mentioned previously, the following new persons have helped to collect and correct information. Neil Kaufmann (Leyton Orient) has kindly helped regularly. Geoffrey Knights (Macclesfield Town) and Trefor Jones(Watford) have also helped and both have excellent websites on their respective clubs. Nigel Meek (Reading) has been of great help, with assistance from Alan Sedunary.


Mark Wells (Horsham), Paul Boynton (Portsmouth), Roger Bassett (Tunbridge Wells Rangers), Tony Pope (Crawley Town),Tim Carder (Brighton & Hove Albion), Pete Phillips (Guildford City) and Steve Chapman (Slough Town) have also helped to add to the information.

January 2016
Update #7

In March 2016 I had the opportunity to visit the NFM archives in Preston, thanks to great help from Peter Holme. This enabled me to check through the official FA registration ledgers for QPR’s player registrations from 1920/21 to 1938/39 and add many previously unknown players to my files.

The expansion of the available newspapers at the British Newspaper Archive website has also helped to research previously inaccessible material and this has enabled me to solve the identities of additional players. This also led to the decision to research and add information on the early Western League matches plus other early cup matches which clearly were mainly first team fixtures. A lot of information is still missing but the research continues.

Apart from my regular contributors Martin O’Connor, Nigel Meek and Neil Kaufman, I have been helped with information provided by Mark Chapman (Brentford) and Peter Wollaston (Chelsea), especially on those early Western League and cup matches. Finally, I must mention Nick Yellop who has helped to provide interesting information on his grandfather Francis Weblin who played for QPR immediately prior to the Great War.

October 2016
Update #8

The past 18 months have been spent researching further into the BNA archives and I have now added everything I’ve been able to find on the QPR amateur years 1882-1899. Understandably, it’s very difficult to find information on the early years of QPR history, especially the 1880’s. The earliest mention of a line-up I’ve found is from November 3, 1888. Often the line-ups are the ones given prior to the game, so not necessarily the one that actually played, or the team is given as ‘selected from’. Hence the reference ‘RES’ in the files.

Apart from this, I’ve received a lot of assistance from the following club historians, to whom I’m very grateful for their time and effort: Alex White (Fulham) has helped to provide a lot of additional player information. Similarly, Stuart Phillips (Guildford City) who has published a great book on his team and finally Paul Briers (Brentford) who has helped with a lot of new details on pre-WW1 Brentford/QPR players.

May 2018

Others who have contributed during the course of this project are: 
Rob Cavallini (Barnet), Mike Curno, Andy Chapman (Plymouth Argyle), Chris Daines (Heybridge Swifts), Mike Davage(Norwich City), John Farley (West Ham), Peter Gilham (Brentford), John Lawrence (Dulwich Hamlet), Peter Pitts(Sittingbourne), Mike Wainwright (Dagenham & Redbridge), Roger Wash (Luton Town), Stephen Phillipps (Rochdale), Steve Bell, Ian Gamber, Jack Libby, Brian Evans, Matt O’Brien, Cris Freddi. 

Kenneth Westerberg 
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A fan since 1968
Official match programme subscriber since 1975
Rangers 'til I die


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