Seasonal Starts- Explanation

These files are an attempt to have all the player and match statistics in chronological order season by season starting from 1899 to date and are complete with all the information I currently have available. I have also included information on certain players that I have not been able to fully confirm. Some of it is no more than an educated guess (and could be incorrect), other almost certain to be correct, but I wanted to include the information anyway as in most cases I believe it to be correct.

Sheet 1 contains a list of players for that particular season with various information, including players who never played for the first team but had professional or amateur contracts with the club.

Many such players are inevitably forgotten with the passing of time but the names of those known to have been with the club are included. On a few occasions a player never made a league appearance, but only featured in a cup or other official game. In that case the debut month is written in red ink. All information is as at close season or if a player joined during the season, as at the time of signing for QPR.

The players are divided into four groups: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. I'm well aware of the fact that the old system of full-backs, a central defender, half-backs, inside forwards, wingers and a centre forward was the norm up to late 1960's/early 1970's, so please forgive the modern categorization.

During WW1 and WW2 teams were often forced to loan players from other teams to field a full team. To simplify the tables I have included as "loans" those players who played for QPR for a longer period of time, usually 2-3 months or longer. All others, many of whom only made a single or a few appearances are treated as "guests" and are listed on Sheet 2 and 2b for the applicable season. This means that some players that Gordon Macey has listed as "guests" appear here as "loans" although officially they may never have been loans.

Transfer fees are given as publicly reported by the media or are otherwise indicative and may not always be exactly correct.

Sheet 2 contains the full season playing details whilst Sheet 2b also includes all cup and other official games. Substitutions are separated as follows: first substituted player is in red ink, second in green ink, third in blue ink. The substitutes replacing these players are always in the order of 12,13,14. With the introduction of squad numbers (from 1993/94 to 1995/96 and 1999/00 onwards), the use of the actual number on the players shirt was no longer possible. From then on I have given the number based on the playing position as follows: 1=goalkeeper, 2=right back, 3=left back, 4=central midfield, 5=central defender, 6=central defender, 7=right midfield/winger, 8=central midfield, 9=forward, 10=forward, 11=left midfield/winger. Sometimes I have made compromises to this, as playing formation has been different (e.g. 3-4-3 or 4-5-1).

The number found after the result and half-time result for league games indicates the league table position following the game, if known.

QPR players loaned out to other teams are listed under "On loan" for the appropriate season. The information includes the teams they were loaned out to, the timeframe of the loan and the number of appearances and goals scored while on loan. If a player was loaned out abroad or to a non-league club, the appearances and goals are in red ink and these are not included in the total appearance and goals numbers on Sheet 1. NA indicates information Not Available and a ' - ' for appearances that he did not make an appearance while on loan.

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